Demo Reels
Cinematography and Colorist Reels
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Cinematography, Digital Photography, Film
  • My 2014 Cinematography Demo Reel.
    I have a Red Epic Dragon and I have shot feature films, award winning short films, a C-Span national airing documentary, commercials, music videos as well as winning "Best Cinematographer" Student Emmy among other awards. Shot on Alexa, Red Dragon, Black Magic Cinema and Canon DSLR's.
  • My 2013 DaVinci Resolve Demo Reel
    I color grade primarily feature films, short films, commercials and music videos, but can handle any job. I've graded and am knowledgeable with workflows including RED's 5k RAW .r3d's, BMCC's 2.5k RAW Cinema DNG's, Canon's 4k EOS 1DC, C300 and DSLR's with ML Canon RAW, Sony f65, Sony FS700 as well as Arri Alexa